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  Amazingly, misspelled my first AND last name.....

   My "Open Juried" watercolor is awarded Gold Medal.

Nude Attitude art show in Peoria Art Guild. Peoria Illinois.
I exhibited two paintings there. "Honey, I dropped it", "Hide or seek"

  Thousand Oaks Art Association Open Juried show.2013.  I got First place in watercolor
   with "Let's talk..."

   My "LA kid" is accepted to Topanga Canyon gallery juried open show.

   California Art League fall art show in Modest Fly gallery. November 2012. Honorable Mention Award.

   Poets&Artists Magazine. September 2012 issue. Large article by Grady Harp

    Thousand Oaks members Juried show 2012. Best of Show Award

    Simi Valley Open Juried art show. Best of Show Award. 2012

    "Narrative" exhibition toghether with Eugene Seregin in Concordia Lutheran Univercity in Irvine, CA. October-December 2012

    XLIV Annual Watercolor West Exhibition at the City of Brea Art Gallery

    Brand41: Forty First Annual National Juried Exhibition of Works on Paper

    October 5-25, 2012

   Reception October 5, 2012 7-9pm

Because the Brand Library & Art Center is currently closed for renovation the Brand Associates 41st National Juried Exhibition    of        Works on Paper, will be held this year at the

    Burbank Creative Arts Center
    100 West Clark Avenue
    Burbank, California 91506

Dear Contributing Artist Gregory:
June 26, 2012
Thank you for contributing your artwork towards this publication, titled “Big Difference in a Small World”. We are honored to feature your beautiful work in this publication.
Having worked in the role of art director on this publication, I have nothing but deep gratitude and admiration for your work and generosity.
Thank you once again. Be well, and all the very best!
Warmest regards,
Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé
"Dear Artist,
This is Molly Shea from Saatchi Online, working in curation and artist outreach. I wanted to let you know that you are being featured in the California Dreaming Collection, where we have featured some of our favorite
Californian artists. Thanks to more vistors coming your way, you might want to take this time to update your portfolio, price some more work or enter the new Surreal Showdown (should the theme be relevant to your work). 
Thank you so much for being a part of the Saatchi Online community, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and like our Facebook fanpage for all the most current Saatchi Online developments.
Best, "
June 13, 2012

    My painting "Rooms with views" is being featured in Saatchi Online -
    California dreaming collection among about 80 California Artists.


   VAG Summer Exhibition at Whites Art, Framing and Restoration Gallery in Montrose.  2414 Honolulu Ave
    La Crescenta, CA 91020

   Accepted for the show two of my watercolors: "William" (merchandise award), and "Making Wishes"

    Arts Council of the Conejo Valley presents 2012 May Juried Gallery Show "Go Green"
    May 1-31, 2012. Thousand Oaks Community Gallery
     2331 A Borchad Road, Newbury Park, CA, 91320

  Two of my watercolors are accepted. "Laundry Day" and "Downtown LA"

    Art Project by Ventura County Art Council

    Artistic, Whacky, Salvaged, Invented…
     Juried Exhibition Friday, April 13th – Tuesday, May 29th 2012
     Reception & Awards Ceremony:
     Friday, April 27th, 2012 5:30 – 7:00pm

           Nevada                                                                                                                Hope Street


    Amateur Night. Manipulations. Watercolor. 30 x 40
    Westlake Village Art Guild open Juried show 2012

    Venice Dervish. Watercolor. 30 x 40
    Valley Artists Guild members juried show 2012

    Us and Them. Watercolor. 30 x 40
    Valley Watercolor Society open Juried Show 2012.

    Amateur Night. Manipulations. Watercolor 30 x 40
    Thousand Oaks Art Association open Juried Show 2012
    My painting has been featured on an invitation postcard for the show (see below)

    Amateur Night. Manipulations. Watercolor. 30 x 40
    Westlake Village Art Guild open Juried show. 2011

    Vegas 2am. Watercolor. 40 x 30
    Westlake Village Art Guild members show. 2011

    In The Park. Mixed media. 11 x 14
    Valley Watercolor Society "Watercolor Gems" members show. 2011

    Spectator. Watercolor. 20 x 30
    Buenaventura Art Association. First Annual Open Competition. 2011

    Time-out chair. Watercolor. 30 x 40
    Thousand Oaks Art Association open Juried Show 2011

    Elbows up! Watercolor 40 x 30
    Buenaventura Art Association open Juried Show 2011

    Seashore Music. Watercolor 30 x 20
    Valley Watercolor Society open Juried Art Show 2011

   Yellow Towel. Watercolor. 40 x 30
   National Watercolor Society open Juried Art Show 2010.

   Article by Nicole D'Amore in Ventura County Star (March 15, 2012)

    Exhibition of three artists in RA Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 2011.
    Alex Vutianov, Dmytro Dobrovolsky, Gregory Radionov

    Article in
    By Vonder Gray
    Fall 2011

    (unfortunately due to the technical problems this article cannot be viewed online at the
     These materials were kindly presented by the author, Vonder Gray)

Gregory Radionov


    Gregory Radionov is a quiet, unassuming, incredible artist. His watercolors are alive with color
    and texture and energy: each one tells a story you want to know more about. Thank goodness
     Radionov paints in series so the story becomes complete.


    There is the lovely series of portraits of his sons in everyday life. These are painted with so much love and humor
      that you want to reach out and touch their cheeks.


        ( Time Out Chair and Come Out & Play)


        Radionov, who is originally from the Ukraine, loves to go to Venice Beach, “It reminds me of home!”
         His series of paintings “Venice Beach”  reflect that love as he fondly depicts a variety of interesting
          characters found on the boardwalk.


    ( Venice Dervish, Rags & Feathers)


    The most important thing to know about Gregory Radionov, the artist, is that the man can draw…beautifully!

    Radionov is a product of the Soviet system of specialized schooling. He was sent to Art School for grammar, high schools
    and 6 years of college. His skills are evident if, according to him, rusty. After achieving success after college, he, his wife
    and his parents immigrated to this country. They came to the Los Angeles area where Gregory and his father became
     successful cabinet makers in the Valley.

    During the struggle to survive and then thrive in this new land, he stopped painting. Slowly, over the last 3 or 4 years,
    Radionov has rediscovered his love of making art. Instead of oil paints he now uses watercolor, less mess and smell
    for a family man making art in the midst of raising that family. (He has just finished a makeover of his garage studio!)
    He admires Andrew Wyeth, not only for his technique, but for his courage of subject matter.

    Radionov feels he has only just begun, that he has perhaps a few more years before he really understands the medium.
    He says he is “painting things that won’t interest anyone”  to keep himself out of the rat race of ‘art’.
    I love his work, even more in person than in photos, and think he has much to tell the world through his art
    . You see one and want to see more of life from his perspective.


     The t-shirt is from Mr. Radionov’s recent show in Kiev, Ukraine with 2 friends from art school.
    Each shirt is numbered and was signed by the artists at the show.

    Radionov is currently showing in .




    Back in 1999 the book Sex. Portraits of Passion has been published     by Raincoast Books . AuthorJohn Williams . Special thanks to Mr. Grady Harp for recommending my artwork to be included in the publication.
ISBN 1-55192-261-4

   This is my very first booklet. It was printed out at my own expence back at 1994  for the first serious art show at Ukrainian House in Kiev by three artists: Alex Vutianov, Dmitriy Dobrovolsky and I.  The exhibition ran for one month and took half of the third floor of the Ukrainian House.

  Back in 2000 the book Horse has been published by Watson Guptill . Author Lorraine Harrison. Special thanks to Mr. Grady Harp for recommending my artwork to be included in the publication.
 ISBN 0-823-2334-6

    Current memberships and affiliations

    Valley Watercolor Society. Exhibiting member
    Valley Artists Guild. Exhibiting member
    Westlake Village Art Guild. Exhibiting member
    Thousand Oaks Art Association. Exhibiting member
     National Watercolor Society. Associate member